Free Consultation 

I like to meet with potential clients to find out if we are a good match for each other. I believe that you should hire a doula that you feel comfortable with and this initial meeting provides an opportunity for you to get to know me better. This meeting is offered free of charge and there is no further obligation to use my services. Please call or email me to set up this visit

Phone & Email Support 

I will be available to you for unlimited contact via phone, text and email from the time you hire me until four weeks postpartum. I am available between the hours of 9:00 am and 9:00pm every day to answer any questions you may have.

2 Prenatal Visits 

I will meet with you and your birth companion(s) for 1- 2 prenatal home visits, each of which will last 1-2 hours. These visits will give us a chance to get to know one another before your baby arrives. We will discuss your priorities for the birth as well as any concerns or requests you may have.

During labor 

I provide continuous support during labor and birth including comfort measures such as position change, massage, counter pressure, heat and cold, hydrotherapy, verbal encouragement, visualization and breathing, music, birth ball, and communication. I will remain with you for at least 1 hour after birth, until you are comfortable and ready for some quiet time with your family.

As a Doula, I  Do Not:

Perform any clinical tasks

This includes such things as taking blood pressure readings, performing vaginal exams, and doing fetal heart checks. My role is to provide physical comfort, emotional support, and advocacy.

Make decisions for you 

I will help you to get the information you need to make an informed decision. I will also alert you if it appears as though something is happening that is a departure from your birth plan.

Baby’s first feeding support 

I will work with you to support baby's first latch and feeding immediately postpartum. 

Postpartum follow-up visit 

I would like to meet with you for our follow-up visit within 7-10 days of your birth. During that visit we will discuss how you are adjusting to having a new baby in the house and troubleshoot any concerns, breastfeeding or otherwise. We will also review your birth experience, discuss any feedback you have for me about my services, and, most importantly, admire your sweet baby.

Replace your primary birth coach (e.g. husband, partner, family):

Your husband/partner/family-member/friend knows you better than I do! My goal will be work collaboratively with your birth-partner, in order to help you achieve your goals for your birth experience.

Speak to the staff on your behalf

I will discuss your concerns with you and help you understand your options, as well as encourage you to voice your opinions, questions, and concerns to the staff.

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